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Our partners

Satinbird Education is proud to work with partners with shared values

Satinbird Education is an organisational member of the International Approval and Registration Centre, IARC.  IARC's primary purpose is to provide a simple recognition system for distinguishing quality, post-secondary education including vocational, distance, adult and continuing education.


Thank you for your interest in Satinbird Education courses! 

They are designed for online study and provide high quality learning outcomes for a wide range of business training and career development needs.

Enrolment is easy...just click on the course icon, add your contact and credit card details and you're on the journey!

Please note:   Your enrolment details will appear in the digital badge that is awarded to you after successful completion of your course.


Satinbird Education provides a connected curriculum helping to develop learning, skills and careers through a high-quality learning experience supported with secure, personalised digital badging or certification.

Earning a digital badge and having it available in a secure digital wallet means it can be displayed as evidence of learning, in recognition of completing training and professional development requirements and as part of your employment credentials.