Satinbird Payments Policy

230425 V1.2


Learners agree to pay the course fees in full prior to enrolment, using the payment method shown at the checkout.  

If the learner is under 18, the parent or guardian is responsible for payment of the course fees.

The commencement date is the date the course fees are received in full or, in the case of courses with structured start dates, the actual date the course commences.

For self-determined online courses, learners will have access for 12 months to complete.  Facilitated and other structured courses may have unique timeframes so please check the course details before enrolment.

The amount of learning time per course is an estimate only.  Learners may progress at slower or faster rates according to their familiarity with the subject matter.

Satinbird Education reserves the right to change the course content and assessments at any point in time.  These adjustments are not applied retrospectively.


Course enrolments may not be transferred from person to person.  The name of the learner that enrols is the name that will appear on the digital badge issued on successful completion of the course.

 Pricing and payments

Satinbird Education offers quality online courses that require payment in full before commencement.  Certain bundles of courses are offered at a discount price and may have a 3 month interest-bearing instalment plan available. 

Learners have access to their chosen courses for a period of 12 months for Assurance Essentials giving plenty of time for completion.

Course prices are shown in full, inclusive of taxes such as GST, where applicable.  There are no hidden costs added at checkout. 

Payments are made by credit card through the safe and secure Stripe payment gateway that is used by millions of businesses worldwide.

Satinbird Education reserves the right to adjust its prices at any point in time.  Price adjustments may include increases and/or discounts or other special offers.  These adjustments are not applied retrospectively.


Satinbird Education complies with Australian consumer law regarding refunds and is not required to provide a refund for ‘change of mind’ cancellations.  If there are extenuating circumstances requiring withdrawal the following rules apply:

  1. All requests for refunds must be received in writing at [email protected] within 72 hours (3 days) including weekends and public holidays of enrolment stating the reason for withdrawal

  2. A $50 administration fee applies to all refunds

  3. A refund will be made in full (less the administration fee) provided there has been less than 20% engagement with the course material as monitored and reported by the e-Learning platform

  4. No refund will be made if the refund request is made outside the 72-hour window or if the learner has completed one or more lessons or Units, or has attempted assessments or quizzes

  5. Any other refund will be solely at the discretion of Satinbird Education after assessment on a case-by-case basis having regard to the learner’s progress through the course and the circumstances of the request.  

Refunds may take up to 10 business days to process.

Reminder: You have up to 12 months access to the course giving you plenty of time to earn the badge so please think carefully before requesting a refund.

 Credits, discounts and other coupons

All credit, discount, or other offers (‘coupons’) issued by Satinbird Education have the following conditions of use:

  1. They are not redeemable for cash

  2. They are only valid for a specified period

  3. They may be specific to a particular course, not necessarily applicable across all courses

  4. The coupon code must be entered at the time of enrolment and cannot be applied at a later date

  5. They are only valid when applied as a single offer and are not valid in combination with any other coupon.