Assurance Essentials is a fully online course that is suitable for a wide range of personnel, whether involved in fresh food QA, packing, processing or distribution and retail.  It has been critically evaluated by industry experts and given excellent reviews.  

Each Unit in the course takes approximately 2 hours to complete.  The Units can be done in any order and at your own pace.  Enrolments are valid for 12 months.

Note :  For Freshcare certification training please visit Freshcare Training.

Course curriculum

    1. Unit 0 Overview

    2. Raising the bar in the Australian fresh produce industry

    3. Navigating Assurance Essentials

    4. Exploring concepts with Sunnyday Farms

    5. Introducing Freshcare standards

    6. Unit 0 Wrap up

    1. Unit 1 Overview

    2. Document management

    3. Examples of good documentation

    4. Developing business policies

    5. Procedures and work instructions

    6. Compliance with the Freshcare Standard

    7. Record keeping to verify compliance

    8. Instructions before taking the test

    9. Unit 1 Knowledge check

    10. Unit 1 Wrap up

    1. Unit 2 Overview

    2. Create, foster and support a learning culture

    3. Defining roles and responsibilities

    4. Identifying risks and training needs for food safety and quality

    5. Implementing training processes

    6. Focusing on team member development

    7. Instructions before taking the test

    8. Unit 2 Knowledge check

    9. Unit 2 Wrap up

    1. Unit 3 Overview

    2. Establishing Approved Suppliers

    3. Managing customer requirements

    4. Preventing food fraud

    5. Understanding and providing food defence

    6. Instructions before taking the test

    7. Unit 3 Knowledge check

    8. Unit 3 Wrap up

    1. Unit 4 Overview

    2. Establishing product identification and traceability

    3. Implementing product release procedures

    4. Ensuring effective incident management

    5. Conducting product withdrawal and recall

    6. Instructions before taking the test

    7. Unit 4 Knowledge check

    8. Unit 4 Wrap up

    1. Unit 5 Overview

    2. Conducting an internal audit

    3. Implementing corrective and preventative actions

    4. Preparing for an external audit

    5. Performing a management review

    6. Instructions before taking the test

    7. Unit 5 Knowledge Check

    8. Unit 5 Wrap up

About this course

  • 495
  • 5 learning Units + Introduction
  • Custom and public domain video content

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Freshcare is an Australian-owned, purpose-driven organisation, providing internationally recognised assurance standards for the fresh produce and wine grape industries.

...Assurance Essentials supports an excellent industry reputation...

Strong industry standards and training programs help ensure the industry's world class reputation for bringing high quality and safe product through the supply chain to consumers., protect your business...

Developing a real food safety culture is essential to being a trusted member of a food supply chain.  Upskilling all your team will foster their understanding and practice of food safety, defending your business and improving compliance for audit.

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Did you know?

The Australian horticulture industry is a major producer and employer.  

In 2020/2021, the industry produced around 6.6 million tonnes of fresh produce and was a net exporter of 0.7million tonnes with 3.3 million tonnes reaching retail.  The distribution and value of that produce from farm gate to consumer can be found in Hort Innovation's publication The Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2020/21. 

The Australian wine grape industry produced a further 2.0 million tonnes of grapes and 1.5 billion litres of wine in the same period. Some 474 million litres were consumed domestically and 693 million litres exported. Source: Wine Australia.

The horticulture industry employs some 60,000 people in 15,400 diverse businesses with about 100,000 contractors required at peak harvest.  The Australian wine industry comprises a further 2,156 wineries and some 6,000 grape-growing businesses. Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Wine Australia