Satinbird learner guide

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Welcome to Satinbird Education!

Firstly, thank you for choosing Satinbird. Every learner is important to us, so we aim to provide you with a safe, secure, engaging, and ultimately successful learning experience. 

Before you start studying online

We want you to be comfortable and safe whilst working through your Satinbird course so here are a few hints and tips to help you manage that. 

Your online study

Much of your time with us is going to be spent on our learning delivery platform. If you are new to online learning, the good news is that it is easy to use and does not require any technical skills to operate it. 

You can work through your study at your own pace. You can also go back and forth through the content as you need. If you do get yourself into a pickle, email us at 

 Your study space

Whilst your Satinbird course can be enjoyed from any Internet connected device, from anywhere, if you are studying from your home or office, make sure you take steps to manage physical and digital risks:

  • cables and wiring are trip hazards so keep them tidy;

  • adjust your seat, screen height and keyboard positioning so that you can study without strain on your back, neck, eyes, arms, and hands;

  • take regular breaks, stretch, and keep your fluids up;

  • choose a spot with good ventilation and natural light;

  • If you are studying using a publicly available device, in a library for example, ensure you logout of Satinbird when you are finished.

 Your Internet Connection

Satinbird’s online courses are designed to work for everyone. For those learners with limited connectivity, there are several things you can do to improve your situation:

  • Make sure you Internet Service Provider (ISP) is delivering the service you are paying for. If they are not, log help tickets, email their complaints department and if all else fails, contact the Telecommunications Ombudsman; 

  • If you are using a wireless modem/router at home, try and keep a direct line of sight to it from your study space to avoid signal issues;

  • If you are living near to neighbours, like in an apartment block, make sure you have password security enabled on your router to avoid bandwidth being used up by unwanted guests;   

  • If you use other Internet connected devices like your TV or digital radio or if others in your household are connected when you want to study, try, and negotiate a couple of hours for you to get priority. Yeah, good luck with that…

  • Please ensure you are running some form of security program on your device. Cyber security challenges in the form of data theft, identity theft and crypto lockers can be very confronting and expensive to resolve. Good security, kept up to date, along with strong passwords will help keep you safe. For more advice on this, visit ACSC Homepage |

 Tried and trusted, secure online learning  

Our learning delivery platform is used by over 50,000 organisations worldwide and millions of global learners – so we think it’s tried, tested, and trusted by learners just like you. That’s why we chose it.

It is supported by world-class technology delivered on a global scale. Our service is hosted in Amazon’s secure global data centres and utilises Amazon Web Service (AWS) and the Google Cloud platform (GCP) technology. 

 Your learner data

Many countries, including Australia, have enacted privacy legislation to protect your personal data and to ensure that organisations that collect and manage it, do so with your permission and with the required level of care. Satinbird has a privacy policy that can be found here if you would like to know more.  

Our  choice of technologies and services has been made with these obligations in mind. Looking after your best interests is central to our values and is something we take very seriously. Our choice of partners allows us to protect your data with state-of-the-art data privacy and cyber security capability. 

We will only use your personal and learner data to help manage your learning and that is made clear in the terms and conditions you sign up to as part of course enrolment. We will never sell your data to a third party or allow a third-party access to your personal data.

 Learner analytics

We do de-personalise your learner data to create aggregated views of learner performance across courses. This is done to help us improve your learning experience through:

  • Ongoing improvement in curriculum, learning materials and assessments;

  • Better use of informative and engaging media;

  • Identifying and correcting any problems identified by learners. 

We will also survey learners regularly to help determine the level of learner satisfaction and provide a forum for constructive feedback on course clarity, difficulty, accessibility etc. 

Your voice will be heard so please help us help you and other learners.

 Minimum system requirements and supported browsers

There are some minimum system requirements including those browsers that are supported, that will give you the best learning experience. Click System Requirements and Supported Browsers for more details.