There’s a significant global problem when it comes to education and employability. 

The modern workforce needs employees with demonstrable capability, but traditional education and recruitment practices reward those with existing knowledge.

Whether you’re about to leave school and start looking for your first job, wanting to advance your career, or aiming to forge your own path by launching a successful business, you need the right skills to get you there. 

But for many, traditional education has always been out of reach, time consuming and unaffordable.

Until now.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to create better careers

Satinbird® Education was founded in 2019 to bridge the education and employability gap with quality Australian online training that is targeted, flexible and accessible to all – wherever you are around the globe

Our courses deliver succinct learning outcomes without unnecessary hurdles. 

Learners can gain, apply and evidence their new skills quickly and employers benefit from having a more productive workforce with less downtime. 

Everybody wins. 

Dr Rob Forage


Executive chair 

Rob is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chair of SBE Holdings. 

He previously led UNSW Global, an international education and assessments business, for 11 years as Director and CEO, to a premier industry position with record scale and profitability. Together with an experienced executive team, Rob ingrained a collegiate corporate ethos alongside a personalised, high quality learning environment for international students. 

In 2015, Rob’s passion for international education was recognised by receipt of the Universitas 21 award for Sustained Excellence in International Education in Santiago, Chile. Rob trained in life sciences and earned his doctorate as a Rhodes Scholar. His career in the biotechnology industry spanned innovative research in genetic engineering, IP management and technology commercialisation. 

Mr Simon Paine


Executive director

As Chief Digtal Officer (CDO), Simon has responsibility for SBE Holdings group technology strategy, delivery, partnerships and services. 

Simon is a thought leader in educational technology and has delivered transformational value in the school, vocational and higher education sectors.  
Previously, he transformed UNSW Global’s business, aligning technology solutions with new offerings and markets. He enabled its rapid online teaching and learning shift in response to Covid. 

At NSW Dept Education, Simon delivered new enterprise capability for schools and TAFEs. He was the NSW lead on the national Flexible Learning Advisory Group that helped lift e-learning in NSW 12-fold in 5 years. 

For investors

This is only the start of the journey! 

SBE Holdings Pty Ltd is planning to grow its business internationally with investment capital.
Interested investors can get in touch through: [email protected]

Course content

Satinbird Education delivers a range of microcredentials that have been inspired from nationally-accredited VET sector training packages.  The development process behind the scenes was to look at the most critical components of a job role, and to create short, sharp, high impact programs that allow a participant to rapidly acquire the skills or knowledge relevant to that area of interest.

We also work with industry partners to develop specialised learning materials that address immediate needs and bring long term benefits.

What's in it for you?

Gone are the packaging frills, gone are the drudge assignments and gone are the wasted hours in compliance.  Here instead are the nuggets required for you to immediately start building your capabilities and delivering new skills into your workplace.

How does my business benefit?

Employers are also winners with Satinbird courses.  Because our courses are short, sharp and effective, they suit a wide range of capabilities. They enable broad-based upskilling across your business. 

We know you've got a business to run, so there's no more waiting around for a course to start and, better still, no wasted training time with topics of little interest.  Select what you need when you need it.

Your employees need not be out of the workplace for days and their newly gained skills can be deployed in real time.

How do microcredentials and digital badges work?

A microcredential is a short course that provides learners with specific skills and knowledge. They are designed to be completed quickly, minimising downtime and maximising applicability.

Our courses are short and sharp and focused on specific topics.  They can be stacked individually or bundled to suit your personal needs.  So, only choose what you need, when you need it.   

Enrolment access is for 12 months and the courses can be taken anytime, anywhere through an internet-connected device.  

Each course earns a personal, secure and verifiable digital badge, presented in a digital wallet.  

Badges can be displayed on your CV for your next job interview as evidence of your professional development.  HR departments can record badges as evidence of training completion and assign employees to specific courses to take their careers to the next level.

So get going to get ahead!

Two Australian satin bower birds in their bower talking about the benefits of online microcredential courses